Are These the Last Days?

I’m not talking about the Last Days of Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius spat on the valley below and buried people alive with hot ash. I’ve been to Pompeii and set I the stadium and looked up at the smoking Vesuvius. I felt very uncomfortable. But no, I’m talking about the last days of the earth before the return of the Messiah.

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Jews believe he is yet to come. He is to become the King of Israel. But Jesus Christ claimed to be the Messiah and that we would recognize the days of his return in the Last Days. Now Christ said to some of those He was speaking to that they would see his coming. It is easy to read into what the early apostles were saying to see that they expected his return very soon so they were selling all they had and giving to the poor and waiting for the Messiah to return.

Well, that was two thousand years ago so folks like Bertrand Russell don’t or didn’t believe in God because he said he was coming right away and he didn’t.

Many Christians believe that the Messiah as Christ would return about the year 2000. I had a very bright friend tell me that he was sure from all his research that God would return as Jesus Christ by 1984. He told me that about 1959. Others have gathered followers up along with all their cash and waited for His return on a certain day. Some change the Day when it doesn’t work out to another Day that doesn’t work out either.

Actually Jesus Christ said that only God the Father knows the Day of his Return. He said that not even the angels in heaven know the Day. In other words, the Return could be at anytime, and if you want to get technical, at no time at all if you start at zero.

So, why hasn’t the Messiah returned (or come for the first time for you Jewish people)? Maybe it was our discovery of nuclear energy and the ability to make horrible nuclear bomb carrying missiles. Maybe Heavenly Personages can not take a nuclear blast and that a mistake by the military when seeing a strange light approaching the earth would cause an attack that could be destructive totally.

Now we have given God his attributes. He is supposed to be all knowing, all powerful, all loving, etc. But maybe he is too smart to send his Son toward this ugly mean planet. Yet, Christ sad that his coming would be like a thief in the night and the military could be out of the picture.

Actually, I wouldn’t send anyone to this world when there are so many others to choose from.

Maybe God has abandoned this world as an ugly derelict of no real value. Christ might be giving his lessons on the planet Zwighartddt for all we know.

Well, we just don’t know when the Messiah will return or how. The signs of His coming have been around forever, never changing, wars, pestilence, earthquakes, starvation, etc., they are all continually with us. So how do we know about the Advent when all is so confusing?

The solution is not to worry about it. Just follow a good life by helping others and staying morally clean and keeping your body as The Temple of God. Then let what come let may.


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