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John and Pat Jones back when we did things together. Grand Tetons

John and Pat Jones back when we did things together. Grand Tetons

Home Church International represents the opinions of the author, John T.Jones, Ph.D.

We are NOT A CHURCH! We provide lessons and activities for families to be taught at home or on vacation. Some folks don’t go to church and some can not because of work or illness, etc.

Our objective is to help folks in all phases of life.That includes help with finances, employment or health or whatever is needed.

Where I Came From
I was born in Salt Lake City during the Great Depression. For years, although we had little ourselves, we fed hobos at the back door. It was usually beans and hot bread, our daily fare. The hobos usually walked right past our neighbors homes. I think they had our address written in the hobo jungle but I never saw it there.

Our maternal grandmother lived with us. We were four girls and three boys. I was the next to youngest.

I served in Korea (1951-52) as an infantry mortar forward observer and then as a platoon sergeant (see tjbooks.com).

After the military, I attended the University of Utah majoring in engineer. I received two degrees, B.S. in 1957 and after five years in industry, the Ph.D. in 1965.

I worked as a college professor (Iowa State University), an R & D executive and an engineering magazine editor (Ceramic Industry Magazine). I am a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society, Recipient of the Founders’s Award, Philadelphia Section of the American Ceramic Society, Man of the Year, New Jersey Ceramic Association. Past President of New Jersey Ceramic Association and Mountain Man of the Year presented by the  University of Utah Ceramic Engineering Alumni.a

I wrote novels under the pen name of Taylor Jones after I retired (I had written three engineering books earlier). I have been a prolific writer since, writing hundreds of article on about every subject. Just google my name on the Internet.

Croped Bald Eagle Canon 300mm 2x Extender 2016

Bald Eagles come down to Idaho during the winter to feed on fish scraps form our commercial hatcheries. I can’t help taking photographs of them. This bird was about 300 yards away.

I live in Buhl, Idaho with my wife (who has a full-time caregiver). We were married 60 years in September, 2013.

I like to paint landscapes, take wildlife photographs, take my grandsons fishing, and just messing around on the computer.

TJ Books

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

Buhl, Idaho




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