A Thought for Today: Service

When I was a boy we had widows in our neighborhood that needed to have things done for them. This usually meant that they needed to have wood cut for the stove, coal brought in from the shed, snow removed for walks, and in the summer, their lawn cut.

Now days, our neighbors need yard work and home repairs and snow removal just in the old days. In out area, this work is usually performed by youth and adults from local churches.

I know that in some areas the elderly are not only not assisted with their problems, they are not even noticed. Now if a tornado goes through town, people will come from near and far to give a hand to those put out of their homes, even rebuilding homes. The Hurricane that hit New Orleans and other areas brought people from the western states including my state of Idaho. Other disasters have been the center of focus for service-minded people.

But, we should be concerned about those who are near us and have needs all year long. A great family project is to befriend an older person and help him or her maintain the home and yard. Just to visit and give them some company will be appreciated. And old people are often wise. You and your kids might learn something of value from them.

Do you remember the story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible? A man, a Jew, was attacked and injured by robbers. A priest and a Levite went by, stirring away from the poor soul because they were afraid they might be attacked. The point is, it was there calling in life to help such people in distress. They were not living up to their duties. But a Samaritan with whom the Jews refused to associate with stopped and helped the man, found him shelter, and guaranteed his welfare thereafter until he was healed.

Now, that is service. Why not decide to be a good Samaritan? You will come out ahead.

Fly Old Glory!

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