A Thanksgiving Turkey

TurkeyWhen I was in Korea with the 17th Infantry RCT, 7th Division, we were given Thanksgiving dinner a week early because the regiment was going back on the line. When I got home, I heard about my Parent’s Thanksgiving in Salt Lake City.

Dad decided to buy a live turkey. He took the big Tom down in the basement and cut off its poor head. The bird got away and spew blood all over the basement. Dad finally caught the critter and started to pluck it. When he was finished, he was covered with blood and feathers. He never bought a second live Thanksgiving turkey.

Now that should put you in the Thanksgiving Spirit. It reminds me of Aunt Rura telling us about how Uncle Cliff got behind one of his cows when he was trying to stick a pocket knife blade into the abdomen to relieve the pressure caused by blotting. When the cow turned, it cut lose which probably not only helped relieve the pressure but covered my Uncle Cliff from head to foot with you know what! Aunt Rura had to hose him down outside!

Such memories. Even though we lived in the Great Depression, somehow we came up with a turkey even when Dad was out of work. My job was to pick out those pesky feather pieces that failed to come out during processing. I also had to singe the bird over an open fire made with old newspapers. I also had to grind the giblets and all the other stuff that goes into the dressing. I thought my arm would fall off.

The best part of our dinner was always Mother’s gravy which I have never seen duplicated.

We can all be thankful that we live in a free land, those of us in the U.S.A. In many parts of the world there is horrible strife. Syria and parts of Africa because of war and the Philippians because of the Largest Storm in Recorded History. And there are, of course, the down and out in our communities. May God Bless those poor souls!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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