A Little Kindness Would Help

We live in a world of adversary. Some times it comes between groups. Sometimes it comes between people. It the people are married to each other, it can be a disaster. Children see inappropriate behavior in their parents and think it is appropriate behavior

And why are we continuously at war? Think about it.

Our planet is a courtroom. There are two sides. Both by definition are absolutely correct. There can be no compromise. So problems are not solved because there is no respect one for another.

There is not love. There is no kindness.

I lived in a strange environment. My parents never argued. They never said an unkind word. Although they lived through the economic times of the Great Depression, they never forgot love and respect.

I think a little kindness in this world would help.

Fly Old Glory!


John T. Jones, Ph.D.


Give Mom the Unexpected at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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